LENS profile series

Welcome to the LENS section of Global Health Middle East. LENS (Learn, Exchange, Network, Share) will be a regular feature, presenting short profiles of people working on the region. We will interview people from various disciplines and walks of life: academics, NGO workers, UN staff, bloggers, teachers, students, medical practitioners, community organisers and many others who are passionately working to improve the health and wellness of people in or from the Middle East region.

Goran Zangana

Goran Zangana

Ministry of Health, Kurdistan Regional Government/ Health Policy Research Organization, Irbil, Iraq

Our first LENS profile features Dr. Goran Zangana, Co-Founder and President of the newly founded Health Policy Research Organization in Irbil, Iraq.  A recent chance interaction on the Health Systems Global LinkedIn group led Mariam to Dr. Zangana and, interested to find out more about his work and his newly founded organization, she jumped at the opportunity to feature him in this new series. Read the full profile here.

If you would like to be interviewed or have a suggestion for an inspiring person that you would like us to approach, let us know!
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