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Exclusive access to academics, NGO workers, UN staff, bloggers, teachers, students, medical practitioners, community organisers and many others who are passionately working to improve the health and wellness of people in or from the Middle East region.


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Global Health Middle East is an online platform that compiles, disseminates, and develops resources on global health in the Middle East. Our aims are 2-fold:

1. To establish a voice for the Middle East in the field of global health, drawing international attention to  opportunities and challenges in the region.

2. To advocate for improved disease surveillance, research, and prevention locally, moving health services and care beyond a predominantly curative model.

Employing a 3-pronged approach, our platform will identify critical gaps in public health research, policy and practice, to provide health professionals, NGOs, activists and individuals with the tools to advocate for increased resources and policy change on a range of health challenges.


We scour the internet to find the latest research, news and events relating to global health in the Middle East and assemble it into easily accessible, easy to read guides. We will be adding disease specific resources soon, so watch this space.


The platform connects health professionals, NGOs, health activists and individuals through our blog and social media integration, facilitating dialogue and the co-creation of knowledge.


Moving forward, we will visually communicate regional disease burden, research projects, and public health initatives through infographics and interactive maps. These resources will help to identify critical gaps in public health research, policy and practice, providing a basis to advocate for resources and policy change.

Recent Blog Posts

Insights into Arab Health

Childhood cancers – A child health priority for MENA

  by Hedieh Mehrtash The current, and soon to be expired Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG 4), is to reduce childhood mortality in under-fives by two thirds. In the past decade, global efforts to reach this goal have focused on scaling up access to childhood...

Far From Home: The Syrian Trojan Women Project

  by Amina Foda What began as a response to the mental health needs of Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan has grown into a captivating platform for the world to hear the voices of Syrian refugees. The Syria: The Trojan Women project produced a theatrical adaptation...

Social barriers to mental health services in Arab populations

  by Aseel Hamid Accounting for 13% of the total global burden of disease,1 untreated mental health disorders are one of the leading causes of disability, causing lasting disruptions in mood, thinking and daily functioning. It has been predicted that by 2030,...

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